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Thursday 24th, 18:30 – 20:00

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What is the Co-owners Council?

BrisDoc is now an employee-owned business. This means that you, as employees, indirectly and collectively own the company.

Instead of having more traditional ‘shareholders’, all of BrisDoc’s shares are now owned by the ‘Employee-Owned Trust’, which holds the shares on behalf of all employees. And so, although you don’t directly own shares, you have more say over issues that affect your work, through our Co-owners Council.

It also means that you are eligible for a tax-free bonus; surplus that would previously have been distributed in shareholder dividends will now come to you, as employee owners. The council has representatives from each service and has many key roles that allow you to participate as co-owners.

This includes:

  • discussing issues that are prevalent to your work and generating ideas for recommendation
  • being a sounding board for company decisions
  • creating an additional channel of communication between co-owners and the Board.

Get Involved!

It’s time to get involved! Whether you are a council member or not, you are all co-owners of BrisDoc – have your say!

Your Suggestions:

Suggestions - Co-Owners Council

Meet the Council Representatives

SevernSide IUC

  • Clare Warbis
  • Louise Whyte
  • Ollie Crandon
  • Mark Lovell
  • Alan George
  • Billie Lapham


  • Dixine Douis
  • Sam Oetterli
  • Jayne Bennett
  • Vacant Post (GP)


  • Joel Simmons
  • Vacant Post  (operational)
  • Vacant Post (Nurse / AHP)
  • Vacant Post (GP)

Homeless Health

  • Vacant Post

Business Services

  • Tony Brown
  • Traci Clutterbuck
  • Kelly Shore

If you’re interested in filling one of the above vacant posts or you want to find out more about how you can get involved – please contact Millie Collins on

Trust Board Members

  • Chris Dykes
  • Cath Knight
  • Ray Montague
  • Kelvin Blake
  • Mike Bevens