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Something to share? put it in the Staff Newsletter!

If anyone has a story or update they would like to share in the BrisDoc Staff Newsletter please email it across.

With people distancing at work and many having to isolate at home, it is more important than ever that we share the things that are happening in our worlds to help everyone feel connected.

As a rule of thumb, articles would ideally be around 200 / 300 words or less and include photos to entice peoples interest.

A few suggestions and ideas of what we might be looking for are:

  • Service news / future plans
  • team building events / socials,
  • someone who has undergone some further education / or reached an impressive milestone in their career
  • patient engagement events
  • Someone who has taken on a new fitness challenge
  • Health and Wellbeing initiative
  • Weddings, babies, graduations​

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